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Ärzte ohne Gren­zen e.V.

Pri­vate regie­rungs­un­ab­hä­nige huma­ni­täre Orga­ni­sa­tion

Stu­dent Sup­port on the topic Female Gen­ital Mutil­a­tion (FGM)


Working field:

  • Review MSF G (Female Gen­ital Mutil­a­tion) FGM stra­tegic goal and identify steps miss­ing towards reach­ing the goal
  • Set clear step­wise approach through a clear road map based on the FGM strat­geic indic­at­ors from the MSF G strat­geic plans
  • Com­bined the frag­men­ted efforts of the MSF G Board, MT spon­sor, Ber­lin Med­ical Unit and the links with oper­a­tions (dir­ect field work)
  • Provide stat­ist­ics on key coun­tries with higher pre­val­ence to ori­ent dis­cus­sion within MSF Ger­many
  • Map act­ors in Ger­many and where neces­sary in coun­tries with MSF oper­a­tions (higher pre­val­ence only)
  • Lit­er­at­ure review (desk review on exist­ing lit­er­at­ure) to out­line the global bur­den of FGM


  • Cur­rent matric­u­la­tion as a stu­dent
  • Flex­ib­il­ity and stress res­ist­ance in a fast paced work envir­on­ment
  • Med­ical or para­med­ical back­ground desir­able but not essen­tial
  • Good com­mu­nic­a­tion skills (essen­tial), as well as an excel­lent com­mand of Eng­lish
  • Excel­lent present­a­tion skills
  • Abil­ity to work inde­pend­ently with lim­ited super­vi­sion
  • Note tak­ing abil­ity in key meet­ings that con­trib­ute to the goal achieve­ment on FGM

What we offer:

  • Salary: 11.56€ per hour, plus 13th salary for employ­ment of six months or more
  • Annual salary increases in line with infla­tion adjust­ments as well as free drinks and fruit
  • Flex­ible work­ing hours and mobile work­ing with pres­ence in the office, depend­ing on work require­ments
  • Fin­an­cial allow­ance for remote work and com­pany laptop with addi­tional accessor­ies for mobile work­ing
  • 30 days hol­i­days plus days off on 12/24 and 12/31
  • Pos­sib­il­it­ies to work up to 6 weeks per year from abroad within the EU
  • Insights on inter­na­tional field pro­jects through reg­u­lar reports, present­a­tions and exchange with col­leagues
  • A mean­ing­ful, var­ied job in a respect­ful and pos­it­ive organ­iz­a­tional cul­ture

How to apply: