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Fraunhofer IZM

The Fraunhofer Insti­tute for Reli­ab­il­ity and Microin­teg­ra­tion, IZM, is one of the world's lead­ing insti­tutes for elec­tronic pack­aging and sys­tem-integ­ra­tion tech­no­lo­gies as well as for applied research and devel­op­ment of robust and reli­able elec­tronic com­pon­ents, mod­ules and sys­tems.

Stu­dent assist­ant for thin-film depos­ition

Stu­dentische:r Mit­arbeiter:in – Dün­nfil­mab­scheidung

Working field:

We are look­ing for a stu­dent to help us improve our thin-film fab­ric­a­tion cap­ab­il­it­ies. The main focus will be on depos­ition of metals, poly­mers and ceram­ics to be used as inter­con­nects, elec­trodes or encap­su­la­tion for med­ical devices.

In the group "Tech­no­lo­gies for Bio­elec­tron­ics" at Fraunhofer IZM we design and fab­ric­ate act­ive neural inter­faces. We integ­rate small cus­tom-designed elec­tron­ics into microsys­tems for stim­u­la­tion of and record­ing from the neural tis­sue. Our microsys­tems are often flex­ible implants based on biocom­pat­ible mater­i­als tailored for the cent­ral or peri­pheral nervous sys­tem. We design, fab­ric­ate, pack­age and test our implants for long-term use. We also invest­ig­ate new approaches for neural stim­u­la­tion and wire­less power and data trans­fer.


Ongo­ing stud­ies (man­dat­ory) in the fields of elec­trical engin­eer­ing, bio­med­ical engin­eer­ing, mater­i­als sci­ence, or com­par­able
Exper­i­ence of thin film char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion tech­niques such as micro­scopy, pro­filo­metry or inter­fer­o­metry
Exper­i­ence of work­ing in a lab
Ini­ti­at­ive and a high level of interest in exper­i­mental and ana­lyt­ical activ­it­ies
High pro­fi­ciency in Eng­lish
Work on-site

Should your pro­file not cor­res­pond to the require­ments to the full extent, do not hes­it­ate to apply. If you bring with you a learn-on-the-job men­tal­ity and high motiv­a­tion sup­port will always be provided when needed.

What we offer:

Expos­ure to cut­ting edge research envir­on­ment
Train­ing on all neces­sary equip­ment
Friendly inter­na­tional work envir­on­ment
Poten­tial for a broader research scope, as pro­jects evolve

Your main tasks will be:
Sput­ter­ing of thin metal films on a vari­ety of sub­strates
Depos­ition of Parylene C via the Gorham pro­cess
Atomic layer depos­ition of ceram­ics
Lam­in­a­tion of ther­mo­plastic films
Sur­face treat­ment of thin films
Char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of thin films
Con­sist­ent pro­ject updates and dis­cus­sions
Reg­u­lar report writ­ing

How to apply: